About Us

Tya Shannon


Tya opened Wild Leaf in 2017 and it turned out to be not just a shop, but a thriving business and a community hub for plant lovers across Bristol.

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Robi Moore


Robi is passionate about mental health issues and is convinced that bringing nature indoors provides significant benefits. Robi has been working at Wild Leaf for over three years, helping customers choose plants and managing Wild Leaf’s social media content.

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Freddy Fuller

Assistant Manager

Having always been at least a little bit obsessed with plants and nature, it wasn’t until Freddy first sprouted an avocado stone that he really started to bring that obsession indoors.

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Assistant Manager

Edward is passionate about the connection between plants and culture and the importance of greenery in our lives.

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The Wild Leaf Team
The Wild Leaf Way
Our Culture

We hire the best staff. This doesn’t necessarily mean people with degrees. If we’re blown away by an applicant’s passion for plants and people, we hire them.

Our Ethos

We aim to give our staff a career path in which they can thrive. We’re a tight-knit family of plant nerds working together to grow a business that we can all feel invested in and proud of.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Wild Leaf is simple: to help people enjoy indoor plants and feel the benefits of connecting with nature.

Our Values

Sustainability. Knowledge. Wellbeing. Passion. Beauty. Connection. Health. Community. Service.